Joe Gauthreaux

Atlanta, GA (USA)
Joe Gauthreaux - DJ - USA

Recognized by the circuit industry with awards, loved by supporters, and respected by DJ peers and producers, Joe Gauthreaux (pronounced GO TROW) has a resume full of club appearances and main events that spans the last 25 years. From the first note of music played in August 1996 at Oz Nightclub in New Orleans, till present day, Gauthreaux has achieved recognition at the biggest circuit parties around the earth. Including Winter Party Festival, WE Party Madrid, White Party – Palm Springs, Miami, & Zurich, Song Kran Bangkok, New Year’s Rio, Atlantis Cruises, along with his US club residencies in Miami, Chicago, DC, San Francisco and current hometown Atlanta, Gauthreaux is synonymous with a driving and unique musical experience.​

The live experience is only the beginning. It’s Gauthreaux’s 10+ year production career that separates him from the gang, into a league of upper tier DJs and respected peers. “I try to make records I’m proud of and want to play in my set. Tracks I think the crowd will go crazy for. Collaborating or working solo, remixes or originals, playing for 500 or 5,000 people – music is my passion and purpose in life. I know I can’t keep this up forever, but I’ll dance as fast as I can while I’m still invited to the party.”

ndeed, Gauthreaux is ready. His official remixes of Adele, Rita Ora, Blondie, Troye Sivan, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande Cher, and Madonna – to name a few, all reached top 5 on Billboard’s Dance Club Play Chart. But Gauthreaux’s progressive-melodic remixes with uber Brazilian producer DJ Leanh are the productions lodged in the hearts and minds of circuit club goers. Diana Ross’ classic anthem “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” was chosen by Miss Ross herself as a favorite mix when visiting the Abby in Los Angeles. The duo, now known as “Joe & Leanh” credit their drive for perfection and similar musical sensibilities as a key to their success. “We mix a track as “final” at least 20 times! We push each other when we’re about to give up. It’s the only way to create a masterpiece,” laughs Gauthreaux.

Masterpiece is possibly the only word to describe Joe & Leanh’s universal hit remix “This Is Me,” by Keala Settle for the Greatest Showman. It was the musical peak of every parade and event during World Pride 2019 in New York, this 16 months after its first January 2018 release. The ongoing response to the remix is a testament to the magical duo’s translation of the self love show tune from the big screen to the big room. “We were fired from 3 days before we turned in our mix!” Gauthreaux reveals. “We were running late, as usual, but also realizing how special what we were making could be.” The record label gave Joe & Leanh time to finish upon hearing a sample of their mix, and the rest is history. But, have Tony Award winning creators Pasket & Paul heard the mix? “Yeah. They had to sign off on all the mixes.” And? “Our mix was the only one with no major changes requested,” Gauthreaux smiles.

Gauthreaux applied his music and circuit ability to the creation of his own house music label “Prop D Recordings.” The home of his self penned original Billboard hits, starting with “Bye Felicia,” 2014’s debut single featuring Mitch Amtrak. It reached number 5 on the Billboard Dance Chart, making Gauthreaux an official Billboard Recording Artist. Follow up singles “February (Our Last Kiss)” featuring Abigail, and “The Urge In Me” featuring Inaya Day, rose even higher, peaking at numbers 4 & 3. The heartfelt anthem “You Are My Family,” written by Gauthreaux, also featuring Day on vocals, has united crowds across the world with its timely message of family and brotherhood. In 2022, Gauthreaux has new music on the horizon.

As both songwriter and producer on his original productions, Gauthreaux is a major force to reckon with in the dance music industry. As for where he goes next, he says, “For me, the only way to keep growing is challenging myself. Set new goals, explore fresh sounds, explore new frontiers. Today our industry is turned on its had. by Covid-19, changing is no longer a choice or strategic career move for any of us – it’s a need for survival.”

And so the battle continues. At home, in cars, or through Air, we are slowly taking our problems back to a dance floor with Joe Gauthreaux at the helm, he will have you experiencing a musical journey you won’t soon forget.




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