Medusa Productions

Medusa Productions is an independent, full-service entertainment company that supports artists in all career stages. Founded by Ron Medina & Jay Musa in 2020, Medusa Productions offers a range of services including artist management, event production and promotion. 

Ron Medina & Jay Musa - Founders of Medusa Productions

Ron Medina

Owner / Producer

Ron was born in the concrete jungle of New York City, but he was raised in the lush and tropical island of Puerto Rico. Ever since he was a young boy, Ron has had a passion for music. He studied music and theater in Puerto Rico until enlisting in the United States Army.

After being deployed multiple times, serving in Afghanistan and South Korea, Ron retired and honorably discharged after 13 years as a Captain and finally Company Commander. In 2014, Ron fell into the circuit scene when he googled “gay clubs/events” and ended up iat Matinee Las Vegas, while on a trip to the Neon Capital. Ron immediately fell in love with the circuit scene and began attending multiple East Coast events while promoting brands in Miami and eventually internationally. Seeing producers from so many different cultures gave Ron the drive to create a new brand that would become Medusa Productions.

Jay Musa


Jay was born and raised in Chicago, where he discovered a love for aviation at a young age. At eighteen, he made a career out of it and has been traveling the world ever since. Traveling has allowed Jay to discover new places and meet people from all different backgrounds, cultures and walks-of-life. 

While traveling in 2014, Jay “accidentally” walked into his first circuit event / music party, World Pride Toronto. Having cultivated a love of house music while living in both Chicago and Miami, he was immediately drawn to this newly discovered music scene in the LGBTQ+ community. From that point forward, he attended XION Atlanta circuit parties almost weekly. Jay became an active member of the circuit community by promoting his favorite brands and events in Atlanta, Miami and DC. This sparked the passion for what would eventually become Medusa Productions.

The Medusa Team

Morgan McMillan

Morgan McMillan

Administrative Assistant

Laurimar Marrero

Laurimar Marrero

General Manager

JC Rodriguez

JC Rodriguez



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