Ana Flor

Madrid, ES (Brazil)

Ana Flor was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and currently resides in Madrid, Spain. Her career started in 2005, when she decided to take DJ courses to embrace what she thought was just a hobby. Her musical training as an instrumentalist in her teen-years facilitated her quick learning, and after completion of the course she received her first professional job offer. Her debut was at Clube 00 in Rio, alongside well established DJs in the scene. Immediately following her debut, she was offered numerous bookings. Due to her sonic versatility and attentiveness to the vibe of the crowd she is serves, Ana started expanding her young career by playing for parties in both straight and LGBTQA+ events, and eventually built her musical identity. In 2010 she was invited to perform at The Week Brazil. In that same year, she took on a residency at the Nova Pool Party in São Paulo on Sundays, being the only DJ who, at that time, played regularly in both of their locations in Rio & Sao Paulo. With only 5 years into her career Ana was already spinning at major events throughout Brazil, such as: Eterna Festival, ACQUAPLAY, THE WEEK Anniversary, CARIOCA Festival, as well as various other circuit parties and festivals in her portfolio, allowing for visibility for international brands/events to see her experience with intentions to continue to expand her career abroad.

In 2017, after performing at World Pride Madrid, she decided to dedicate herself solely to music and return to studying music production after many years of completing one course in 2008. Ana was the only female to perform at a festival of this caliber by WE Party Group at Fabrik, representing KLUSTER. Three months later, she was invited back and then made the decision to move from Brazil to Spain. Since moving to Spain’s Capital city, she has been hired by multiple event brands, such as: WE Party, Matrix, Republik, amongst others, but has remained exclusive to KLUSTER since 2019.

In 2019, Ana was invited to spin at the world famous ALEGRIA in New York City, by event producer Ric Sena. Since then, she has partnered with Ric and performs at multiple events, such as: VIVA Anniversary Party, SUNRISE (New Years’ Day Party) and PRIDE. Ana has maintained full exclusivity to the brand ALEGRIA EVENTS in NYC.

Although she no longer resides in her home country Brazil, Ana remains part of THE NEW WORLD group, a new brand that was evolved from THE WEEK.

Even with 16 years of experience, Ana challenges herself to continue progressing musically. Her dedication to producing music, seeing and meeting new people from all over the world, and her thrive to continue to better herself is what drives her passion in a very competitive field full of so much talent. Ana is constantly evolving, to create a new experience for not only her following, but anyone who may be listening to her for the first time. This has allowed her to build relationships with event producers in Brazil and abroad such as: THE WEEK, Festa da Lili, Vic Haus, The Pub; and Taurus, Valentino and Selva (Santiago, Chile), El Mozo (Bogotá, Colombia), Industry (Medellin, Colombia), MANTAMAR (Puerto Vallarta, México), White Room (Monterrey, México), SCORE (Miami, USA), Alegria Events (New York City, USA), Heretic, Future (Atlanta, USA), Green Valley Festival (Toronto, Canada), Kluster, Avenue, and WE World Pride (Madrid, Spain), Deseo 54 (Valencia, Spain), Safari (Barcelona, Spain), Construction (Lisbon, Portugal), Gibus (Paris, France), New Can Can (Marseille, France), L´Omega Club (Nice, France), Bordello (Lausanne, Switzerland), Profile (Dublin, Ireland), Backdoor (Amsterdam, Netherlands), POSH (Beirut, Lebanon), Barcode (Dubai, UAE).

2022 will be full of new adventures and experiences like Winter Party Miami and Alegria Pride NYC, as well as releasing new music and plans to collaborate with other talented DJ/Producers in the industry!


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