Paulo Fragoso

Miami, FL (Brazil)
Paulo Fragoso - DJ - Brazil

Paulo Fragoso was born in Brasilia, Brazil but currently resides and is based in Miami, FL.

His career began in 2018, playing in Miami’s largest LGBTQ+ nightclub SCORE at a NYE party. Since then, his passion and drive has not stopped as he builds his portfolio working nonstop. Specializing in dance music, House, Tribal and Progressive styles, as well as the energy and enthusiasm in the crowds he spins for has helped him realize how passionate and talented he is.

His career took off landing his first international gig, spinning in Colombia just 5 months after his first live set. After that, playing in Central & South America became a new norm at least twice a year including Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Puerto Rico amongst others including various cities in the United States.

Curating a perfect harmony between the DJ booth and the dance floor, his energetic sets consist of full force beats with lost of groove, vocals, and suggestive melodies.

With only 4 years into his career, he has played for some of the most well known international brands & clubs such as: WE PARTY, PAPA PARTY, CHORUS, MATRIX, CIRCUIT FESTIVAL, WHITE PARTY, WINTER PARTY, XION, MEDUSA, JUBILEO, MOTION FEST, EL MOZO, VICTORIA HAUS, etc.

“I still have a lot more to accomplish, and I cannot wait to share my passion with the entire world!”


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